Few favourite travel bags of wayfarers

Travel bags are one of your most trusted travel partners. They carry all of the things you need for a fun and fulfilling vacation, from different outfits to equipment you might need during your adventures. But not all bags are created equal. These carrying cases come in different shapes and sizes, each with advantages that work well in many different situations. Here are some examples of leather travel bags and the situations they would be most useful for:


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The backpack is the go-to bag for those who live an active travel lifestyle. Often built with sturdy materials to avoid quick wear, this easy-to-access, easy-to-carry bag is perfect for vacationers that are always on the go.                  

Rolling Suitcase

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For the individual who plans to stay away from home for a little while, it’s best to take a little chunk of home with you. The rolling suitcase is a versatile choice of baggage that can carry everything you need and then some (depending on the size, that is). With a collection of straps, wheels and a trolley handle, it’s the one of the most easy-to-bring bags and can be wheeled around to compensate for the weight of the items inside. 

Shoulder Bag

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The shoulder bag isn’t a travel bag on its own, per se. Rather, it is a secondary bag that lets you to carry the essential things you need for your next sightseeing adventure in the city. It gives you to easy access the things you need for a whole or half-day tour without having to bring the entirety of your luggage with you. It is definitely handy to have if you plan on making multiple trips across a country. 

Duffel Bag

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Often carried by people who are into sports or active hobbies, duffel bags can also make for a good travel bag. While it is not as flexible as the rolling suitcase or made for active travels like the dual-strapped backpack, this carrying case is great for casual trips out of town or in the next state/island over. The simple cylindrical design and varying sizes make this a viable holder of clothes and other smaller items if your main bag is full.

Travel Tote

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For the chic traveler, form and function serve equally beneficial purposes during travels. If you want to look good while still being able to take a sizeable number of items with you on the go, a stylish travel tote is what you want to look into. Often varying in size, shape and material, balancing what looks good and what is comfy to carry around is a priority for the savvy shopper. Choosing the ideal bag can spell the difference between having a stress-free adventure and having one where you have to lug a heavy weight around with you.


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