Few Stylish Bags for Men to Carry for Work

Traveling to the office without a bag is next to impossible for most men. A much-needed arsenal of expensive laptops, smartphones, chargers, headphones and tools are required to get through a busy day. Whether in a cubicle or in the field, work bags are becoming a mandatory accessory. 

So all those men who wish to dazzle at workplaces and wish to get some female attention here and there, we have you covered. Or if you're just looking for simple and functional styles (or maybe something in between), take a look below at few of our picks which serve as a best styles for men to carry.

The minimalist

Sleek and simple, the clutch also has a soft interior lining to protect your computer or gadget from scratches, as well as a fold over flap to keep your tablet safe within.  A side pocket makes for easy storage of a legal pad, notebook and pen to have handy for note-taking.

Professional lap-top bag

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The professional bag contains a zippered inside pocket, and is lined inside with single gusset construction and has a flap-over closure with two front pockets. It can carry any accessory or requirements which you require at a day’s work.  

The Weekender     

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This over-sized duffle tote bag is perfect for just about any occasion that takes you on the road. Use as a carry on or to store a change of clothes for evening events or work dinners, this shoulder handbag for men is well made, perfectly detailed and practical. 

Grown-up backpack

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Major selling points for this bag include its durability, secure buckles and straps, and removable three-pocket snap-closure sleeve for a tablet. Its wide straps make it comfortable to wear and round out the classic look. 

Cross-body satchel

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Cross-body satchel makes a sophisticated statement wherever you need to make an everlasting impression.  Wear it with any formal outfit at work and let both contemporary and old-world charm work out everything for you.

Wrist Bags

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Turn heads everywhere, be it a casual get away with your friends or a formal meeting with your colleagues by carrying a wrist bag can carried. With one compartment and an inside zip pocket in it helps you to put everything you require in office well-in-place. Available in two colors, it is an ideal accessory for all style conscious men. Hence, try these above stated styles and get noticed for your style consciousness everywhere.  


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