Factors to Check while Purchasing Leather Bags

Hunting for a leather bag since past few days and wondering what to look for while you want to crack the best of deals! A bag that stands apart in quality and endures the test of time should be the primary thing in your mind while purchasing a bag. So, once you select a leather handbag, inspect it thoroughly since you want to make sure that the purchase is worth all your money. Following are few qualities that you should look for while purchasing a leather bag.


The softer a piece of leather is, the more expensive it is. Hence, check the finish of the bag for any imperfection. The bag should be smooth and malleable. Along with this, ask if the bag requires any maintenance which will help the leather to last long. Some kinds of leather require no maintenance while expensive fabrics like suede require more effort and carefulness.

Lining and Stitching

The leather bag should be resilient enough to handle pressure. Usually, the quality bags manufactured by good brands are neatly stitched with not even a single thread hanging out. So, if the threads are hanging out, you can always infer that the stitching is imperfect and the leather bag doesn’t match your quality standard. Open the bag and carefully observe the lining and seams of the bag inside too. A good quality stich on leather won’t move even when you apply harshest of forces on the seam.


Usually leather bags smell of dyes and chemicals used while tanning it and it may appear unpleasant to you. But, it is the actual smell of the leather. It may appear unpleasant but make sure the bag has the natural smell. The high-quality leather smells great.

Attachments and Accessories

Examine carefully at things like handles, extra-pockets, and zippers because these accessories play an important role in keeping the bag safe. If these parts of a bag are strong, then it can carry more weight than its capability. Open and close the zippers repeatedly to examine its durability. You certainly don’t want to close the deal with a ripped zipper or a broken lock or handle.


Always keep in mind the usage of a bag when you intend to purchase a leather bag. A genuine leather bag will be sturdy while a leather bag for woman will be smooth in finish. The travel bag should have more space and small pockets in it and leather bag for men will be comparatively less spacious. Hence, make your purchase according to the usage of your bag.

Warranty and Policy Terms

Designer leather goods are expensive and it may make a big hole in your pocket if you don’t check the return policy and warranty carefully at the time of purchase. It is better to have your purchase covered through a warranty. The following points will make the search of a leather bag easier for you and you will be able to crack an economical deal.

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